BUY ONE GIVE ONE TO HEALTH CARE WORKER IN NEED. You can email us where it is most needed in your neighborhood and we will send it there. Let's save some people NOW!!! Why our mask is better you ask??? Because it is antimicrobial, organic, low impact dyed and made out of scraps which makes it zero waste and better for our environment. This is what we stand for. Help us and help others to put our lives  back in order while respecting nature, air, people, animals, and our favorite of all PLANTS!!! Oh, and our soil & water!!! We are connected. Growing hemp naturally cleans soil and saves water. Recycled polyester we don't believe in because it releases microfibers that are equal to plastic in our water streams and our drinking water in the end. It is hard to clean and filter this out from our daily life. We want to create awareness about this. Our kids and our planet depend on this. LOVE YOU! STAY SAFE but still have fun! Don't let this COVID 19 situation bring you down.