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It is sad what is happening at the moment. We want you to stay safe if you need to go out. We developed our antimicrobial mask, free of charge from our scrap fabrics (not that many). We gave some to our manufacturing contractor and their families, but also want to give some to you and yours. If you have someone you really need to protect, but they are far away, we will ship it to them. That includes you as well. Let’s be mindful. We are a small company, so there are not that many masks that we can sew. This one is on us, so unless you don’t need it don’t order. Everything left will be donated to our neighborhood and the homeless ladies in Los Angeles. If you want to make a donation for us to make more for people in need, we will make more. Please email at natasha@natashatonic.com and we will make it happen. 

Lets do what we can to STOP COVID-19 from spreading even further!!!

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