Who doesn’t like just simple burnt orange vibrant color. It is such a positive color to brighten up your day. You don’t even need vitamine C, just wear this hemp swimsuit instead. Just kidding but it feels that way. 
this is our classic yet sexy style. Great as a bodysuit, swimsuit or workout clothes in your backyard. Use it as much as you can. It is breathable and antimicrobial. It has cooling effect in summer and warming effect in winter. 
fits true to size. 

CARE: Wear it anywhere but when you are done rinse with cool water by hand and don’t use harsh detergents. Let it air dry in partial shade or at your home. Always turn inside out when drying just in case you forget it in the harsh sun. If you need to you can machine wash it and dry it on low setting for longevity of color. Always inside out to keep it fresh!

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