Hemp fabric is one of the most sustainable materials in the fashion industry. While growing, hemp wastes less water than linen or cotton and doesn't use harmful pesticides that pollute our environment.

We make everything locally in small batches to make sure we don't have a negative impact on the environment. Some styles are made per order. We save as much of our scrap fabric as possible, so that we can create new designs based on what we have in stock. Most of the styles are hand cut and hand dyed with low impact dyes and recycled water prints.

We use electric transportation in our daily operations.


Hemp Swimwear is made for the traveler in each and every one of us. Designed for those who like to pack light, our revolutionary hemp fiber allows our swimsuits to perform double duty as lingerie, bodysuits or activewear.

Our mission is to give people a healthier choice for their skin and for the planet. NATASHA TONIĆ swimwear is breathable, durable, anti-microbial and UV resistant. Unlike polyester, it does not pollute environment with toxic microfibers. 


* Breathable

* Durable

* Anti-Microbial

* UV resistant.

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